i hate new year eve but i love........

its new year eve.. ^^

and of coz i prepared somethg.. hey not about the new year eh.. and i hate new year as well..
and that becos of certain thing.. =.= ok2..
this day were my youngest brother's birthday's.. hehe..
yah! of course i remember it.. and i always remember it even im at heaven..
(but just people didnt manage to remember mine as well =(.. )
and that becos you were my little precious brother's i have..
i hope and always hope you will grow up to be what you want to..
i hope i hope and i hope i will be there to see you succeed..
please please and please find our family happiness again if i didnt manage to do it.. i know i can count on you dear.. this date, 31st december you turnig 9 Y/O... and tomorrow become 10 y/o..
one thing i like about you most is.. you always agreed about what i say and respect me that much..
i always heared news from MOM that you always be the top student in your class..
you were intell-kids and that give me proud for you.. and i aso know you'll be a nice great man when you growed up.. just dont forget about Mom n POP yah.. i hav nothing to give to you as a return..
what a sellfish brother am i.. i feel ashamed of my self..
all i can give is my love and my intention for u as well.. i hope you will remain as my lil brother and continued moved forward to success..
i hope i hope and please please be yourself and also as my lil brother untill the end of my life.. forever and at the end.. :') sorry.. i didnt manage to bring you to watch the fireworks this nite like i did always..

"HappY 9 YEarS Old Lukman NuLHakim"



its already 3.15 a.m at the morning.. and still working in and out..
about 7.30 like that.. after performed maghrib prayer.. as fast as lightning went to Hj. Tapah Mamak-ing to watched the MAS vs INA.. first aggreagate 3-0 at Stadium Putra Bkt Jalil.. next follow-up game at Indonesia Stadium itself.. guess what.. MAS Scored 1 goal and Indo scored 2 goal.. at the final.. resulted 4-1 in aggregate.. YezzzA!! mAS won.. okay.. thats it..

balik.. continued wat assignmnt yg x siap malah bertambah.. huuu~ Sbnarnye xde lah susah bnde2 sume tuh.. just dont know how to do it .. yet it still delayed.. ough! i cant sleep at all and decided to surfing a little bit.. (a little ke??) then ZZZzzZZzzZ~ nunyte TI-Ya!!
 ☻  ♥  ☻
/█\ . /█\

tomorow i shall start my class 8.30 a.m as well.. hehe.. then wat study group and then bergegas ke Fiqh Islami tercintew.. 


PokPeK of today

Currently layanz = SHInee - Hello
currently in the middle of the mood of math..^^
exactly controling the melody of the stomach.. ;-)
i need to get back into myself really quickly :-)

DESKTOP  =  xleyh serabut lagi ke caey oy!! =.='

this nite maybe our fieyzwan come to join us here.. ;-)
not forget about this day.. it is extraordinary bcoz i didnt manage to havng my lunch and also maybe dinner :-(
pasni nak study math.. and also of coz tomorrow i will do my very latest of best.. >.
gd luck all BSE.. dont give a chance to anybody..



starting my day at 7a.m. with subuh prayer.. ^^ and like usuall.. i will be back to my bed again =.=' hehe

pastu sedaq pukui bape ntah then hadap lappy.. tgk2 mubee sume.. dgar2 lagu.. n tgk2 vid music.. tataw lah nape.. im currently addicted to japaneses thing.. hehe btw.. si yui tu CUte jgak en ^^
See..! i told cha~ :">

but as well as i post about this.. there's one song named yui - Tomorrow Ways (bleh tahan) tapi byak agi lagu len yg lagi best.. saje nak cte pasai lagu nie..

3-Of-US and i heppi

Starting from friday.. oh.. nak start dari mane eh.. isk2.. haa.. cmni2.. hari jumat tuh.. pas abes klass math.. engat nak balik ah skali ngan tya.. TAPI.. dpat phne call.. mama ckap.. beliau akan dtg ambil.. but.. the action was cancelled.. jalan jam ah.. ape ah.. if i knew it already.. i could hav been riding the KTM.. kan sng kalu gtaw awal2.. haish.. then i spent a lot of tyme with those who x balik kg like me.. ^^ its jojo n awey.. we start playing the game all day nite and watching movie.. also not forget about perform the fardh prayer's.. (nape cm ayat FIQH islami =.=) we ate together and blaa blaa..

on the saturday..
we all bgun awal and pergi lah mencapap depan lappy masing2 and "MELAYARI".. jojo dgn facebook nye.. awey dgn bende multimedia dy.. si POCOYO.. then we all decide to clean our room as well roomate pon ramai yg pulang ke kg halaman.. hehe.. padahal zawey ngan patty je xde.. dagh siap kemas.. siap2 mandi2 sume.. basuh bilik air sikit.. (sebb bilik air kami x kotor n kitowng jage kebersihan our bath room ;-) ) then pergi basuh baju then move forward to cafe tercinte untuk mengisi pewrot >.

mlm tu g mrayau kat pasar mlm.. addition some friends and that was NIKjoE and WiraAjhar.. pergi by bus and balik by walking.. mcm biase jln ngan si Hantu wira.. mmg jadi gilew suasana.. layan~ then balik n playing Dota's as well.. and fall asleep.. and how could i didnt realise tya txt.. x.X! coyiee dear~



its been a while chaw.. ^^
this day has no ordinary things.. started mornink class with DISCRETE MATH.. (i like discrete very much >.<) and next class with FiqH Islami.. (and also currently addicted with this subject =p) after we going through the lucnh tyme but i choose not to eat much just eat just for what my stamak demanded.. hehe.. btw.. im donating my blood to PUSAT DARAH NEGARA as well at the PKK.. and this was my 2nd tyme.. ^^ anybody else want my organ.. uh!??! hehe.. just kidding..

 rindunyew nak mkn ABC strawberry's >.

"Last semester with my friens : awey, fieyz, me and also LUPI (yg bOtaks beg oren blkng tuh)"



as si budak Cekodok tu dok cter psal thingy things.. boys also do hav "thing" to adore at.. hehe
like always,, bak kate2 hikmat si Prof. Zafe : "money do flow like water if we live until die" (like usual the h(x)c boy talking style =.=)

and bak kate si DR. Awe-be plak : "kalu kawe ado pitih.. sgaloo mundo nok jugok beli.. ikot dee lah.. masalohnyo.. pitih tuh.." -style Land of KELAN-

: "if i hav money.. i would like to buy everything.. everything i feel i like to buy.. the problem is.. the MONEY.."

and FOR ME : note that (FYI) this is my wishlist :
(1) steelSeries (SIBERIA) : i feel something when i used this to hear Heaven Shall Burn-Black Tears~ >.

 i need one of this pleasee pop! wheter this hell red or heaven white.. hehe o the both of them.. =P

(2) SUPRA SAMANTHA RONSON (Lil Red Skytop II) : no comment! =.= (speechless~) fyi : only hav 413 unit diseluruh dunie.. so i shoul hav it.. hehe 0.o!

(3) McBeth Shoes Elliot : hehe.. btw how many shoes do i want exactly?? =.= hehe its okay.. just one only.. just depend on my "moving bank" untuk spend the money.. note : you rite what i mean by "moving bank" =P
(6)and blaaa blaaaaa blaaaaa
(7)ant others.. hehe..
(and bytheways/not to forget all human being do hav something that demand.. so diffrent people diffrent interest.. hav a nice day.. =I)

Not to forget Hepi X'mas for me and especially my <3 (walaupun x sampai waktu lagi) saje nak mngedixxx X.x!! 
[ignored je katil jojo y sgt "KEMAS" blkng tuh ;-P]



Why is everything starts to turn out black..
maybe this is my truly faith.. is to be like this and forever always gonna be like this..
sometimes i feel like alone.. sometimes people around me just pretending to be friend with me.. 
i do so many thing to make my friend best friends.. but yet when been ask : "who is your bestfriend??"
yet.. my name hell no will appears.. im starting being so jeles with everyone.. arghh!!! i dun like it as well.. but why for me.. i didnt get the same life as everbody else..
i get like this.. maybe this is just a damn feeling of mine... maybe i just dont hav to friend with anybody and live my loneliness life and die in my loneliness life.. satisfy??


can i die tomorrow =')

i wrote this for my own..                     *
ididnt expect everyone will read it..  *
if you did.. thank you vry much..        *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
pada aku.. 
aku ni x bape pandai..
x brape rajin..
x juga berada..
Selalu wat salah..
xde yg betul..
x brape berupa paras..
x jga kacak mcm pakwe korang..
x juga baik.. and x juga jahat..
x jga perfect.. x jga terlalu kekurangan..
mgkin a little bit of "Hina"..
i didnt hav the spirit..
and i wish i had it..
When The time comes and asked.. Did my name is on your life list??
of course the answer "Not aT all"..
and im x jga bgus..
x jga responsible sgt..
smestime alone.. and sometimes feel like a death..
xde org sayang akuh.. 
smstimes x bergune pon utk sesape..
i hav alot of friends.. bt..
i didnt hav a bestfriends.. 
and my family.. ......

So Wat ShOulD i Do.. i little bit to much of sadness alone will not solved at all..
ade ke org yg akan paham aku.. kalu aku story bout my damn sake pon.. of cos..  xde y akan deeping and truling understand-ing ape yg aku alami..
untuk aku.. jika family aku dalm condition mcm nie.. aku..
aku jadi putus smngat dlm sume perkare.. study.. friends.. working.. eating.. playing.. sosial-ing.. and others.. and thats me rite know.. so anythng else for me to continued live on?? and yet.. i think tears didnt drop too much..



my Ambition is Not To Be "A" POliCeMan =.=

From view of my faCe..
I know you will say that my face totally not suitable to be A police officer rite.. ^^

But in this case, the Hat being stole by me from PAPA.. hehe 

SYoRy Syory POP!

 oh.. i rilY Miss My BIRMAN's cat.. Oh RiCkaa~ T.T
im not talking about that kid but about the animal rite.. of cos..
harap2 ah adik2 akuh kat uma tu gheti jage leklok si ricca tuh.. 

AWE : Wahai kwn2 ku.. jgn lah kamu terkejut dgn perubahan ku ini.. =.='
JOJO : Awey~ mengapa ko jadi begini.. kembali lah awey ku~ Bertaubatlah..
ZAfe : Aq dah nasihat awal2 dah kat awey.. tapi awey tetap berdegil.. T.T
FaThi Lee : Yikk!! ComeY Ah Awey~ mlm ni jgn tido ngan aq taw.. O.o!


Today Im Totally sick.. bUt not in a cricital condition yet.. hehe
tapi alhamdulillah ah.. kos tyme aq demam jgak sume klass cancel.. hehe.. cm tawu2 jew lecturer nie..
then continued at the nite.. nek ferrari merah g klinik.. tp change in plan.. g jumpe Fieyz kat FiFteen, Bangi.. g klinik yg dekat kat situ je ah.. sng.. hehe..fiz cte ah.. dy kat KLIUC mmg out of fwen.. after class mmg dy always MemBAB* sensorang nak tunggu another class.. kesian ko fieyz.. bkan ape.. dy kate xde org melayu dalam kelas dy.. nak kwn ngan sape pon tataw.. adoy.. hehe.. tp xpe.. dy kate.. dy go through.. ape lah sgt xdew kawan nie.. aku kan adew.. haha..after lepak kat situ kitowg pon balik ah kuis.. hehe.. maybe fieyz dtg lepak kat kuis jumaat nie.. sebb x sempat masok dah.. kuis kan ade pagar.. =P

Yg BotOl panJang BeserTa Pipe Tuh Owg KL panggil Rokok besar.. hehe ;-P



sbnarnye i couldnt sleep.. so.. jln2 kat blog2.. x lame kemudian.. boring jgak pnyelesaian.. so.. aq decide karang article nie.. hehe.. enjoy yourself!!

Murid : Selamat pagi, cikgu.

Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak doakan saya tak selamat?

Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam cikgu!

Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat sejahtera! Senang dan penuh bermakna. Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi semua masa dan keadaan.

Murid : Selamat sejahtera cikgu!

Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini baik-baik. Hari ini cikgu nak uji kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan. Bila cikgu sebutkan perkataannya, kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan itu, faham?

Murid : Faham, cikgu!

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.

Murid : (senyap)

Cikgu : Pandai!

Murid : Bodoh!

Cikgu : Tinggi!

Murid : Rendah!

Cikgu : Jauh!

Murid : Dekat!

Cikgu : Keadilan!

Murid : UMNO!

Cikgu : Salah!

Murid : Betul!

Cikgu : Bodoh!

Murid : Pandai!

Cikgu : Bukan!

Murid : Ya!

Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!

Murid : Oh Hamba!

Cikgu : Dengar ini!

Murid : Dengar itu!

Cikgu : Diam!

Murid : Bising!

Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!

Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!

Cikgu : Mati aku!

Murid : Hidup kami!

Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!

Murid : Akar lama tak tau!

Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!

Murid : Rajin kami belajar cikgu!

Cikgu : Kamu gila!

Murid : Kami siuman!

Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!

Murid : Kurang! Kurang!

Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!

Murid : Belum! Belum!

Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua bodoh sangat?

Murid : Sebab saya seorang pandai!

Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!

Murid : Oh! Mengalah!

Cikgu : Kurang ajar!

Murid : Cukup ajar!

Cikgu : Habis aku!

Murid : Kekal kami!

Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!

Murid : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!

Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!

Murid : Belum, pandai!

Cikgu : Berdiri!

Murid : Duduk!

Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!

Murid : Cerdik kami tu!

Cikgu : Rosak!

Murid : Baik!

Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!

Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!

Cikgu : (Senyap dan mengambil buku-bukunya keluar.)

p/s saper yg xphm!!! ak LoLzkan kat telinga korunk!!!



dalam dunie nie.. sifat manusia.. mmg x penah mngenal erti rase bersyukur dan puas hati..
mcm aq sendiri.. sometimes im in that situation and sometimes not..
but now.. i realise..
i'll try my very best.. this kind of thng not only me..
but others were experince the same.. all i want to say is..
boleh x kite consider dulu.. cek dulu.. pkiaq bebaik..
ape yg kite buat sebelum kita lakukan perkara tersebut..
mgkin kesalahn kite tu x disedari oleh kite sendiri.. mgkin bende camtu dr perspektif kite perkara kecik jeh.. tapi.. mgkin.. bnde2 cmni jgak bley bg org disekeliling kite jd kecil hati..
so.. dalam erti kata laen.. sng citaa..
perkara sebegini memerlukan kesdran dlm diri.. realise immediately..
if you think that you were at the wrong side..
opologizing is the secret way..
but another person, sometimes keep holding their ego..
"bajet ko jelah betul an.. sume aq salah..
" haa.. yg ni x betui.. so kne ah perbaiki cpat2 yer..
slamat beramal~ hehe tbe2..


LBS gagal?


jom baca reramai..



Sweet moments starting runs away~

Why did this bad time choose me..
Why do i live for..
When i imagine about the future.. tears start to drop..
if i were flower, then i'd be a bud..
i should treasure the beginning of my youth without any regrets..
Mother, deep inside my heart, i have a mother who always believes in me..
from now onwards as well, please continue to look after me..
i'm sorry to have troubled you so much..
Why did this bad time choose me..?
i cannot carry it, if it's just for the word "fate"..
i want to build a time machine and revisit the past..
if it weren't for this disease, i might be happy in love..
i want to cling to someone's arm so badly..
in the blue sky the white clouds float around..
and its really pretty to look at..
i really don't want to say things such as " i want to go back to how things were before".
i recognise how i am right now, and i will continue to live on..


Quit Quiting~

hey2.. its about 3am.. and im not in intention to sleep yet.. cause im already sleep after isya before..
hehe.. papepon.. aq nyesal x inform si DIa terlebih dahulu.. mest dy tunggu an aq reply msg dy.. aq plak g bantai tdo,... oh.. im very sory..


Huppy DewALee!!

kepada suma knkawan ku yg berbangsa HinDU/Tamil/India dan sebgai nya.. ku ucapkan selamat dewallee yah..!! terutamanya skali kenkawan sampai mati ku yg ku knali di KEMSIS.. hehe..

ok2.. back tu blog-ing.. hari ni sedia maklum bahwa our country and other were celebrat-ing depaavali.. btul kot speel-ing aku tuh.. keh2.. ^^ starting from mornink.. i wake up.. then ngadap lappy.. dok menghentam keyboard utk menghabeskan dlm erti kate len (the same meaning) aq nak unlock sume game2 yg tak terunlock.. haha.. pening plak ayat aq nih.. biase lah.. DEEWALEE~ :-P..

then tgah hari sikit pie jumaat.. COMPULSORY yah..!! =.=' hehe.. balik tuh ade usrah.. pegi usrah kat luaq ngan abg adib.. lepas jumaat.. sampai lah lpas asar.. hehe.. tyme tu sempat lah g taw tyra.. hehe :"> btw sok dak tu nak kuar ngan kenkawan dy.. hehe.. aku plak dok kat bilik je lah.. xde program.. adeh~ tp hari tu engat nak balik.. sbb nak amik borang PTPTN yg tertinggal.. tp x pe lah.. suh jelah akak ku antar later.. hehe

hehe.. continue2.. balik2 tuh maghrib.. sbb pie pasar mlm.. tp x beli pape gak.. sbb terkEZUT ngan roti john dy yg harge nye mahal nak MAM tuh (RM3.70) adeh~ the i decide just tu ate ngan dak2 nie kat kdai nasi lemak ayam panggang.. ishk2.. nak kate feels dy.. wah2!! mmg best lah mkn kat situ.. sedap gilaa nasi lemak dy ngan aym panggang tuh.. hehe.. len kali nak bawak tyra mkn kat situ ah.. tp hopefully dy suka ah mknan kat situ.. ^^

and skunk ni aq nak g mandi.. shuh~ (aq ni blogging mcm org pmpn gak an,, SYAHIR~ x cool sunggoh~ =.=')

at this moment i still hearing non-stop this song sampai muntah~ (Stricken-Disturb) and also (DragonForce - Through the fire and flames) >.<'


Im gonna be okay.. rily?

its it okay with (Friends ----- classmate ------ bf )??
im a lil bit confusing rite here.. hehe maybe its should be okay with the direction.. am i rite?? o i am rite?? hehe.. far too long.. far too be thinked.. and exactly its gonna be okay.. and now im smilling happily+acts.. =)(


i Feel So bLess when I thinking of you

whats wrong with you and also myself.. what are this madness..

Its LikE The Olds

man vs. women..
no woman,no cry,,

no woman,man die..

mcm comel jer kan verse y kt atas tu..tapi betol ke cm tu..??hehe
hah,,entry kali ni mmg khas ku tujukan wat lelaki yg agak kurang sensitiviti dlm diri even,da ade buahaty,,
kdg2 dier lupe yg dier tu kena jaga hati perempuan ni..
senang citer,perempuan ni lembut,senang terase and selalu nak perhatian..
xkesah lah garang cam ner pun perempuan tu,or kasarnyer mengalahkan lelaki,da kalau fitrah lahir sebagai perempuan,mmmg xkan lari dari sifat2 semulajadinya tu..
kat sini ader beberapa perkara yg lelaki mmg kena
ALERT bile diorang da ade cinta hati..

1. “Kalau you betul-betul sayang I, you akan buat apa I suruh.”
What do you mean kalau dia betul sayangkan you? Jadi, kalau dia tak buat bermakna dia tak sayanglah? Perempuan mungkin lembut atau nampak lemah tapi tidaklah dungu. Kalau nak minta tolong, cakap sajalah. Menggunakan ‘senjata’ sebegini untuk kepentingan diri sendiri dan membuat teman wanita merasa serba salah adalah cukup menyedihkan.

2. “I tak suka dengan kawan-kawan you.”
Perhubungan teman wanita anda dengan girlfriends dia adalah sacred atau ‘suci’. Janganlah dengan sesuka hati dan secara terus terangnya anda memberitahu dia yang anda tidak suka dengan kawan-kawan dia. Walaupun secara realitinya anda tidak suka atau tergugat dengan kawan-kawan dia yang mungkin lebih hot daripada girlfriend anda, jangan sesekali sebut yang anda tak suka kawan-kawan dia secara direct kerana anda hanya menempah tiket untuk bertengkar secara hebat.

3. “I punya ex-girlfriend dulu….”
Ayat ini pantang disebut langsung kepada teman wanita terkini anda atau anda terpaksa menghadapi bahana tidak dapat dimaafkan oleh teman wanita anda. Kalau anda nak kutuk ex-girlfriend anda mungkin boleh, tapi dinasihatkan jangan, kerana dengan menyebut tentang ex anda, anda akan dituduh tidak setia dan anda masih sayang pada gadis itu. Peluang untuk teman wanita anda menukar topik ini untuk jadi something about her adalah sangat besar. Tiba-tiba anda akan dengar ayat-ayat seperti “you dah tak sayang I lagi”, “you lebih suka ex you”, dan lain-lain lagi yang hanya akan memanaskan telinga anda.

4. “Cuba tengok perempuan tu…”
Janganlah berani suruh dia rujuk kepada perempuan lain atas alasan apa pun kerana dia tak suka anda bandingkan dirinya dengan wanita lain. Secara ringkasnya, anda perlu menempuh kehidupan ini seolah-olah ada satu sahaja wanita yang anda kagumi, iaitu dirinya. Kebudak-budakan? Mungkin juga tetapi cubalah tengok akibatnya kalau anda cakap pasal perempuan lain di depan teman wanita anda.

5. “I tak cukup bagus untuk you.”
Bagi orang lelaki untuk merendah diri cara ini adalah pathetic dan melemaskan! Dengan bercakap begini, anda akan menunjukkan kelemahan anda yang tidak suka dilihat oleh kaum perempuan. Lagipun kalau anda tak cukup bagus untuk dia, adakah dia bodoh sebab pilih anda? Gunalah taktik lain yang lebih menyenangkan ye.

6. “I takde mood lah.”
Sekali lagi wanita akan menganggap this is about her walaupun sebenarnya bukan. Dia akan fikir apa lagi yang boleh menyebabkan anda bosan selain daripada dia? Dia tak fikir yang anda mungkin ada masalah lain kerana bagi dia setiap kali anda takde mood, it’s about her. Jadi elakkan dari menyebut ayat ini dan adalah lebih baik anda berdiam diri.

7. “Perangai you macam mak you lah.”
Sakit ke bang? Orang perempuan bukan tak bangga jadi anak mak dia tapi kalau you cakap macam tu, takut dia salah faham dan ingat you kata dia tua dan seorang yang tak cool. Lainlah kalau mak dia hot atau sporting perangainya. Secara ringkasnya, janganlah bandingkan diri dia dengan mak dia sebab dia tentu tak akan suka.

8. “Takyahlah nak emo…”
Biasalah orang perempuan emosi! Tetapi ketika dia emosi dan anda sebut ayat itu, dia akan serta-merta kecil hati sebab anda mempersendakan dia. Tentulah dia emosi bersebab. Gunalah cara lain yang lebih baik daripada itu!

9. “I tak sukalah baju tu…”
Wahai kaum lelaki, jangan complain apa-apa tentang pakaian dia walaupun ditanya! Biar kawan-kawan dia yang dipertanggungjawabkan tentang itu. Lainlah kalau berpakaian melampaui batas seperti terlalu terdedah atau terlalu hodoh. Cara paling baik untuk tackle perkara ini ialah dengan puji dia kalau anda suka baju dia daripada kritik baju yang anda tak suka.

10. “Kakak/Abang you entah apa-apa.”
Tolong jangan cakap yang buruk tentang ahli keluarga, buruk padahnya. Tak kiralah samada kakak atau abang dia memang tak berguna, don’t say it to her face. Kalau tujuan anda untuk cari gaduh dengan dia, silakan mula dengan ayat ini, tentu tak akan gagal untuk memulakan pertengkaran!

amacam,,???pas korang da bace enrty ni,ade tak yg 'terkena' kt korang..??
hehe,,lau ader,cepat2 lah berubah yer,,klau betol kamu syg buah aty kamu..hehehe...
pape pun,juz CHILL n ENJOY ur life..!!

:-P _____ =) _____ :"> _____ >.<'_____ =( _____ T.T


Something Misery..

hehe.. aq balik umah ni lebih aktiv..
dok ostel lagi aktiv aktiv..
last nite pg urut tapak kaki.. first time oo~
tp besh jgak ah.. sbb mlm tu dapat tido nyenyak gilew..
tp kepada sesape yg bru nak mncube.. pastikan tempat y anda pegi tuh.. dijamin cara mngurut tu betul.. kalu pg slah tempat.. nant balik lagi teruk badan jadi.. hehe.. yg aq pg ni kat sentul.. kawan papa banjew.. name dy uncle goh.. baik gila woo.. dy wat aq ni mcm family dy kkdg.. hehe.. but.. wats ?? papa berkawan ngan chinese man.. hehe.. yah.. thats my daddy.. papa ni jenis yg satu malaysia punya orang.. "aq nak amik ni masok dalam sifat aq jgak" =)
papehal pon.. aq dah nak start blaja dlm semester baru balik nie.. so..
maybe on9 tu jejarang.. tp kkdg online jgak ah.. (ayat mcm keling..)
hehe.. xde lah.. kalu x bz.. bleh ah spend tyme depan lappy aq yg hyper cool nie.. hehe..
pada sume knkwn ku.. selamat memulakan pembelajran..
achieve more this tyme yah guys!!
and the bad news is.. ni hah.. kwn aq yg gile sorang ni.. FIZWAN... no matrik 09FA03007..
dy akan berpindah ke KLIUC.. dan x menyambung pelajran di same kolej ngan aq.. and thats the very cruel done by him.. oh fiyz.. sampai hati kau.. huhu (bajet je nak emo)
xpe2.. papehal pon.. nant aq nak KILLING SPREE ko aq ajak ah ko datg ostel.. hehe
*killing spree = audio game dlm DOta series..


Pity SelfNess..

sometimes dalam dunie ni, mcm2 boleh berlaku..
ape yg akn berlaku kite xkan dapat meramalnya dgn baik..
bagi aku.. hidup ini umpama pokok yang mencari air dan matahari..
pokok juga tidak tahu apa akan terjadi esok hari dan masa akan dtg..
apa yg penting, ialah meneruskan hidup..
tidak boleh leka dan selalu berusaha..
dan apa sebenarnya yang dikatakan dgn hidup ini...
bagi manusia......?

ini kisah benar yg berlaku.. aku tidak sedar apa sebenarnya yg tuhan cba sampaikan pada aku.. tetapi yang aku tahu.. ini ialah peringatan dari-Nya.. ALhamdulillah syukur~ Thank You Allah..

Bertempat di sebuah restoran berkonsepkan KOPITIAM.. aku bersama ibu dan adik prempuan ku.. sdang enak menjamu selera sambil beriang ria-bergelak ketawa.. dalam keadaan yang begitu menyeronokkan.. dtg nya seorang budak lingkungan umurnya 9-12 tahun.. dtg berhampiran ibuku dan menghulurkan senaskah buku yang tertulis Yassin dlm bhasa JAWI.. lalu aku melihat budak lelaki tersebut dari atas hingga ke bawah.. dan aku terdiam.. ini kerana aku melihat budak itu amat sempurna.. aku membayangkan budak tersebut sebgai adikku.. kerana budak tu seiras dengan baya adik lelaki ku..

kemudian.. aku bertanya~ "Adik ni dr mana?" dia tidak menjawab.. kemudian aku bertanya lagi.. "ibu adik ada kat mane??" lalu dy mnjawab "ada kat umah,, ibu baru balik dari kerja mencuci.. sy mintak maaf menggangu abg dan mak cik keluarga mkn.. tp sy ingin mintak belas kasihan dan ehsan dari makcik dan abg.. ayah sy telah meniggal dunia beberapa hari lepas.. tinggal hanya aik, sy dan ibu.. ibu tiada duit kerana ayah tiada harta untuk ditinggalkan sebelum dia pergi.. sbb itu ibu amik kerje utk membasuh.. sy anak sulung.. sy terpaksa mintak sedekah untuk meringankan beban ibu.. sy telah pon berhenti sekolah.." dan mengalir air yg halus dari celah kelopak mata budak itu..

lalu aku berbisik pada mama.. "ma.. org rase kasihan pada budak ni.. better mama bg mkan dulu kat dy mgkin sudah brapa hari dy x mkn.." dan mama order nasi grg kat situ dan mnuruh budak itu mkn.. sebelum kami berangkat.. mama menghulurkan sejumlah wang kepada budak tersebut.. lalu mama berpesan.. "adik.. adik kene bersabar.. usaha dengan lebih gigih.. makcik bangga dgn kamu yg bertungkus lumus menyara adik kamu.. dan kamu jga bersabar dgn pemergian bapa kamu.. tapi ingat dik.. hari ni kamu susah.. org y tolong kamu.. mgkin ada dan mgkin tiada.. tp ingat pesan makcik.. bila kamu senang nant.. insyaAllah.. kamu jgn lah lupa pada dunia dan yg pling penting akhirat.. Allah xkan mnguji hambanya diluar kemampuan hambanya.." lalu budak tersebut bgun dari tempat mkannya dan memeluk mama aku dan mnagis.. "terima kasih mak cik~ sy harap tuhan akan mbalas pertolongan makcik ini~ ", bisikan halusnya~. lalu kami pon meninggalkan budak tersebut dan masuk kedalam kereta..

ketika didalm kereta.. mama termenung seketika.. beberapa minit kemudian mama baru mnghidupkan enjin dan berlalu dari restoran tersebut..

disini kita dapat lihat..
jangan ingat kita sudah berjaya dan akan selamanya berjaya..
jangan ingat kita senang tuhan x kan beri kita kesusahan..
dan bila kita mndapat ksusahan..
jgnlah kamu lari dari landasan kesabaran..
tabah itu amat perlu dari pelbagai aspek..
pabila senang..
jangan sekali kali lupa pada agama dan bangsa..
berilah dgn seikhlas hati..
wlaupun sedikit pertolongan kamu..
moga2 tuhan akan membalasnya dgn berlipat kali ganda..

Saturday, BABA nyonya kopitiam, Ampang 6.40 ptg


English kah ini..??

Initial ..
as usual .. Today is .. I do not know what I want to do .. so .. I made the reckless decision to download a variety of things / software / fonts / picture / video / music and much more .. non-stop .. hehe ..

I just want to make preparation for the days of my classes before it starts .. with this .. My job will be easier to put up .. ** diKU as internet is kind of damned .. so I do not have to worry about the wait for the download to complete .. all are available with arbitrary .. its like .. pooffffttt ~ Woah! my job is already done ..

normal range .. I am the type who likes to dream dreams and desires ... I like to tell relevant stories just crossed my mind .. hehe .. ape ni cahey ~~??!! =.=!

Once upon a time ..
There was a boy named Darwish .. Darwish was a boy who is very kind hearted and very obedient to his parents .. Darwish lived in a village near the resort just opened .. day by day .. Darwish became more matured .. now increased to 20 years old .. he decided to work at the resort near his house .. Darwish did not want to step out of their homes because he wanted to keep close to my beloved parents .. Darwish do so to protect his parents ..

"Darwish, O my son .. do you not want to work in the city? Looking for a better life from now?"

"Thats okay my pa .. ma .. as long as Darwish close to ma and pa .. Darwish will always be happy .."

and Darwish was working at the resort .. one day .. a visitor comes to the resort involved .. where is a woman of high status in society .. beautiful .. style .. and a problem .. the proud and arrogant .. ego .. higher self .. when she was just staying the various problems that she created .. There just is not right ..


Thingy Addictions!!

oh~ terseksanya hidup begini bila result dah kuar tp xdpat tgk result.. waaa.. btw congrats to all my class mate.. dgaq sume dapat dekan.. >.<' I told you before rite.. hehe.. now its just me yg terkontang kanting nak tgk result x dpat.. oh.. you'all know how i feel rite now.. hehe.. btw.. 21 harblan dah nak dekat.. aq semakin sebok.. maklumlah.. aq pnye list to do baru dapat achieve bbrape kerat je.. ([2 sept 2010] rujuk pada post "Ya bada Bedu") ade 2 3 lagi job need to be done.. woah.. adeh.. tterseksanya aq.. but.. aq mst ikhlas.. haha..! tbe2..

hari tu first tyme aq pegi amik bengkel JPj.. aq pegi sensorang.. adik aq tdoq plak.. so aq pegi ah Metrodriving Academy sensorang.. woah.. boring nak mAm.. nasihat aq.. kalu sesape nak g amik driving license nanti.. make sure cari kwan then baru g amik.. bawu ah x boring sgt.. tyme aq tuh.. aq g sensorang.. aq just be friend ngan makcik pkcik jew.. (ade jgak mkcik pkcik y baru amik lesen?) haha..About My PTPTN.. mcm biase lah.. lgpon aq tgah nak prepare dokumen2 y diperlukan.. so nant bile dah balik ostel.. x yah susah nak balik uma balik.. (x susah pon =.=') hehe.. nant aq nak call si ptptn hotline tuh.. nak tanye dy psal pijnjaman aq.. ah! tp dgar citer PTPTN akan jadi biasiswa kalu kite pas result ngan baik.. woah.. bygkan 7 ribu satu semester senyap2 masok poket.. hehe.. InsyaAllah.. Amin~

ade dekat 3 minggu lpas.. aq berjual beli lah ngan uncle umah sebelah nie.. memandangkn dy ni manager kat kedai Computer kat Shah Alam.. so aq tnye dy.. bleh x kalu nak beli lappy kat syrkt dy.. dy tlong belikan.. so.. uncle tu ckap boleh and cari model y aq nak and bg kat dy.. dy g servey harge ngan dealer.. then lepas seminggu.. dy call.. dy ckap lappy y aq nak tu harge dy 3,899.. waaa!! bleh kate mahal gak ah kan.. hehe.. PROCESSOR i7 ot.. then aq tanye uncle tuh.. murah sikit xleh.. then the good news.. uncle tu ckap.. sy bg harge jiran.. org len x dapat.. and lasstly.. harganya dirahsiakan and aq x pkir ape dah. janji aq dah dapat.. hahahahahah~~!!

ni lah yg aq dok uar uar kan.. INtel i7..(Turbo Boost up to 2.9Ghz) DDR3 4GB.. Nzidia GT335M Graphic 1Gb memory.. USB3.0.. Bluetooth and camera.. 4xBluRay.. Scratchproof Surface.. Windows7 Home premium.. Wireless N.. warranty 36Month.. Altec Lansing SRS Premium Sound.. 14"(LED BL).. 640 HDD e-sata..

guess wat?! bende tuh dah jadi 7 org.. hehe.. tenkieee~



best gilew ah tarikh nie.. mcm luarbiase je an.. an .. an.. hihi
klu ikot hati.. tarikh ni pon aq nak wat something y bleh aq engat sbgai sweet memorial ke ape ke..
tp pkiaq PKIAQ, its okay.. sbb i better find out another extraordinary date.. huahua.. btw.. that day which 10/10 tuh.. blaku jgak something.. huahua!!

just what my needs is accomplished!!

i just dont know what to babling about.. because im so hepi..


ops!! Alhamdulillah =.="



mcm best je nieh!!

gotta see this guys.. like?? love it.. dont?? back off!! hehe just kiddin.. muah! muah!


당신을 위해 내가 가을 Jooyeon!!

so.. what T. H. are you looking at.. its mine okay!!.. hehe FYI.. its mine~

not so preetty.. but i felt something about her.. :"> aaa~~~!! 정말 사랑스럽다!!

oh and well.. not forget about TIFFANY!!~ >.<"
(ape lah ko nie,, sampai 2 org nak like skali gus)

~용해!! 용해!!~ (melting >.<")

TUBEK metro nie sok~

*klik pada rajah utk tumbesaran multiple*

new arrival asus with high performance and best in graphics.. first asus product using 3.0 usb.. hehe.. oh.. i hope it will be mine soon.. product asus terbaru woo~ woot2~



I hope you don't know,
I hope you don't see,

All of the feelings
Bursting inside of me.
I wish I could tell you
I wish I could let you know
All of these feelings
I would like to show.
I lay in bed Hope and pray
You will wake up
And realize some day.
Maybe one day you will know
Maybe you will see

Although I meant nothing to you,
You meant everything to me.

oh.. she's something~


WaVe ADddiction~

ntah ape kne ngan adeq aq sorang nie =.="

uih lame jgak aq x berjinak ngan blogs niehs.. hehes.. now im back.. sory everybody.. btw.. umah ku xde internet .. so susah sikit lah.. nak kne tgu neigbour online then bleh PINJAM line.. hehe..

kblkangan ni mcm2 berlaku.. yg tulah nilah..

bape hari ntah nak tgu kolej bkak balik.. arggh!! result pon mcm mnyeksa JIWA DAN RAGA utk menungguu.. hihi.. btw im in OPEN relat..... hehe :"> thanks dear~ i appreciate that so very F much!! hm.. sbnarnye tyme ni aq tgah lari dari rumah.. ta maoo dgar perbalahan mama ngan papa..
ooohhff!! im sick of it... i hate them like that way.. oo god pleasee help our family.. what happen just now.. let me forget it.. isk2..

bbrape hari lepas.. bwak mama g midvalley.. mle2 nak pegi garden.. tp mama kate start ngan mid dulu lah.. then tbe2.. letih.. then the garden x jadi pergi.. haha.. mama ni mmg lah.. skrang kak long ade kat kuantan.. tgah interview nak masok hotel ape eh name hotel tu.. yg sultan pahang pnyer tuh.. uh.. yes!! HYATT Hotel and resort.. so.. gd luck..!! hehe..

hm.. fuh~ letih berbeli belian.. eh.. silap.. membeli belah ah!!.. :-P

*dear God! please bring me my family happiness again~*


My childhood~

oh.. what im doin!??

im not gonna desperate

*oh god~ only you know how i feel rite now*

tataw lah nak ckap pe.. tp maybe its my fault.. uh.. no no.. not maybe.. but it is my fault.. why everytime this happened.. i keep blaming myself.. arghh.. hm.. it is just about you.. i always feel the same to you.. and not the same if you wish to..

i always prays to god.. for the prophets.. for my mom and daddy.. for my family.. then next come up with you.. yes, it is you.. (oh~ i wish she dont read this) becos i know she will be hurt again.. im sorry.. i cant satisfy you dear.. but i try my very best.. you change me a lot.. start dari seorang yang biase and become lover.. my daily.. my style.. my interest.. my fav.. my intention.. my life.. its all because of you.. so.. how i gonna change it back.. hm.. no.. and never.. sory~

but i guess there is no second chances.. but miracle could happens.. and i wish that miracle do comes true.. and i would like to add it on my "my List" (my work to be achieve) like my old post.. about the tree house.. but that is long distance wish.. and you.. is my short , long and forever wish..

tapi bile org tawu.. mest dyorng gtaw aq.. "alaah.. bunga bkan sekuntum" and i gonna say this "hey!! its not like that k..! =.='" im diffrent!!" aq bkan nye bleh sesuka hati mnyukai dan tidak sesuka hati camtu jew.. oh.. i wish this wont happens.. i wanna stay like the old one.. i appreciate you like myself.. what i do is because of your happiness.. what about my.. oh.. i dont need it.. bcos my happineess has been achieve forever when first time i achieved you..

*just dont leave me :-(*



aq skang ade kat kuantan.. finally.. dpat gak merase jumpe grandma ngan sedare mare.. hihi..
for how long.. i dun know.. we'll figure it out.. hehe.. daa sume..

its my tyme bercuti.. hehe...

lpas bercuti.. gi restoran italy ngan my bby.. hihi..
farewell everybody~



Camat AYIe Yaye Cume!! hehe..

aq taon ni yaye kat uma jew.. tp meriah lah jgak.. lgpon papa bwak balik sekotak tV Mercun.. woah \m/ mmg aq bom mengebom lah di mlm raye.. hahaha!!

taon ni bju raye kaler pilihan mama iaitu kaler coklat+mocha+latte+coppucino.. ntah lah kaler ape.. haha!! yg anak2 laki sume kaler same ngan papa.. then yg pmpn jew kaler msing2.. (x sehati langsung!!) haha.. tbe2 jew.. x byk gambar yg aq sempat amik.. sebb sebok sgt.. hehe.. maybe dlm mase terdekat ni nak gi raye kat kuantan plak.. owh.. i love kuantan.. hehe

pnya lah susah nak bg bdak ni sengih..

adengan bermain mercun yg x kehabis habisan.. sape nak call aq.. aq bg free..

tgah txt bby.. ckap yg tgah jd bbysitter.. haha.. nseb bby x jeles.. :-p

tu jew raye aq.. ade lagi.. tp x leh cte.. chaw~


LonELy soulja Boy


today, sebaik saje bangkit dari tdoq.. pegi mandi then txt bby.. pastu siap2 nak g solat jumaat..
abes solat jumaat, jumpa lah kenkwn yg kat kuis nieh.. tnye soklan yg same
"dah abes exam daa?"
"balik bile..??"
"maaf zahir batin n slmat bercuti"

hehe.. pastu g checkout bilik.. mcm biase lah kan after we check in hotel.. mest lah kne checkout.. hihi.. pastu g jmpe bby.. dy nak bg buku.. then pg jpm, suh shapik cop kan.. kan sng.. xyah nak beratur n amik nombor giliran byk2.. nyusahkan jew.. acik kerani tu pon lagi memudahkan kerje dy.. so syapik bg kertas wakil utk 5 org.. pastuh setle..

then balik uma(b.o.t) dok kemas2 bilik.. pilih2 brg yg dak2 nie tertggal.. aq amik nak sumbat dlm stor Bilik Elektrik :-p (mcm biase lah guys!!) then tepon2 miscall2 bby.. sbb syg nie nak tggalkan.. :"> then bkak pose kat cafe.. ngan safuan , wira and naim..and they all balik mlm nie.. ades..! T.T (im gonna be alone) aaa~!! hihi.. x pe.. dah biase dah..

"sy ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin Kpd Sume yg sy kenali terutamanye BBY.. dan selamat bercuti kpda rakan seKUIS.. hehe.. jgn men mercun sgt.. aq x nak knkwn aq balik2 xde tgn.. x mo rempit2.. xmo langgar undang2.. deh~!! nant aq jumpe kowrang harap2 korang gemok lah yer.. haha.. cuti2 jgn lp e contact kalu nak hang out.. lastly.. jumpa lagi.. assalamualaikum W.B.t"

I gonna mish my bby a lot :">


Ya Bada Beduu!!

Finally~ its were the end of sem1 BSE.. >.<

tadi paper programming.. aq wat sebaik mgkin wlaupun aq rase byk yg betul and byk yg slah..
and bende dah lpas sy x maw kenang.. pokes ke hadapan.. hihi..

*Kepuas-hatian berGanda*

bkak pose kat rumah.. then mama call ckap baru balik dr nilai.. then nak amk aq mkn kat luar.. then aq follow mkn and lastly bg brg aq yg teramatlah byk utk dibawa pulang.. and now my locker is as empty as shit... hell yeah..! \m/

aq maybe balik friday or saturday.. tgk keadaan lah yer cmnew.. hihi..

ade sblan lebih cuti.. uish!! aq kne teruskan ngan project aq tuh.. kalu x, sem 2 nant aq merana.. btw Ptptp pon bleh setle tyme cuti nie..

berikut adalah list perkara need to be done :
1. Ambil lesen kereta.
2.Setle medical checkup and other that need to be submit to kuis;
3.Setle kan penangguhan bayaran..
4.Lengkapkan suma borang2 ptptn;
5.Kerje.. >.<
6.Kruskan bdan :-P
7.Beli something (angkat2 kening)

slamat bercuti suma. and slamat berhari raya and maaf zahir batin.. sory kalu terkasar bhase.. ter singgung perasaan.. dan ter ter yg sewaktu dgnnye.. mne lah taw nant kite x jumpe lg.. sedekah2 kan lah kat sy eh.. halalkan mkn minum.. hutang2.. engat2 sy slalu.. sy hargai korang sume.. \m/



Dizzy NOt or GreeDy Yes

5.00 a.m. >.<'

oh please just direct to me what you wants me to do rite now? to fullfill what you want in your life..

and now i still cant close my eyes..

remembering all those thing about you, about what i want to conversation with you tomorrow,

about exam.. (of course) and other more..

Dear God, please lend me a little help and also strength to me, and i cant use it to face the life given by YOU..




rini paper math.. >.<' hihi.. Alhamdulillah.. dr pagi bgun kol 7pg then stdy lg.. pastu having shower then went straight to pkk.. *bisik2*you know something.. dak tuh.. pg exam x mandie.. kah kah*bisik*

as usually.. pg awal sbb syg kan rambut.. hehe.. korang kan taw si jpa n jpm tuh cmne.. yikk!! >:p btw.. sy slamat masuk and selamat keluar.. sonok gak lah jawab tadi.. Answer mmg bleh sgt2.. tapi right or wrong yg kite tak tahu tuh.. hhaha.. bgaimanawalaupun.. yg dah lpas , lpaskan.. skrang pokes kat next paper iaitu "FUNDAMENTAL OF PROGRAMMING" >.<' siyes shitt! aq nak score yg nie.. sbb 4 kdt hour.. uih! talking about exam.. skrang BUDAK KECIK tu ngah amik exam fiqh.. hehe.. i wish you luck dear.. aja2 fighting!!

but the bad news is AWE ni haa.. x amik exam tadi.. sbb x leh masok kne tahan sbb sluar dy x pas.. adeh.. pity you awey.. hrap boleh sempat amik lg nant.. hm.. gud luch WEy!!

and skrang!
Krohh krooh~!!
eh..!? opss!? solat dulu.. hihi..


rase nak pergi bercuti~

lokasi : ntah lah=P

sbnarnye picture ni diambil mase kat camp motivasi tuh.. hihi.. xde nak ckap ape.. just nak ckap best gila suasana kat sini.. hihi.. harap2 dapat bercuti kat tempat2 yg mcm nie lagi.. insyaAllah..!! amin~

less sleep..

dah dekat seminggu holiday kat rumah.. tapi x mcm holiday pon.. sbb mcm2 aq kne buat.. ntah lah.. mcm bala je turun.. sampai HANDPHONE+LAPPY baru.. due2 x dpat!! aduh..

(oh cahey.. i hope you will be patient!! oh pleasee!!)

aq kesian kat mama jew.. mama dok guling2 dok jerit2 sambil nanges2 serta dok memanggil "caey, sakit caey.. tolong mama caey!!".. =.=' aduh.. sbgai anak , ape perlu kamu lakukan.. huh?! hm.. isnin ni mama apoointment then operate tak tahu lagi.. adush.. i hope mama will be okay..

dlam mase seminggu nieh.. aq mcm x tentu arah langsung.. nak urus adik2 lagi.. mama lagi.. rumah lagi.. nak setle hal aq lagi.. medical checkup lagi.. daftar license lagi.. wlaupun mase semingu.. tapi sume tu x sempat.. aduh.. (bape kali aduh dah aq nieh) boleh nek gila dah aq nih.. slamat aq cool.. hihi..

"mama ko sakit nieh, papa hold dulu lah ko pnyer laptop ngan hp tuh yer.. nant mama dah sihat papa pertimbangkan" aik.. hm.. baikk~ owg paham situasi skrang.. =.=' xpe.. T.T

aq rase dlm cuti nieh.. pling byk aq lukakan hati adlah si dia nieh.. aq tataw nak wat cmnew.. nak bg dy kembali.. aq lah pnya psal.. sape suh x jage leklok.. "ko ni teruk lah caey!!".. wlau cmner pon, aq akn usehe kembali utk kembalikan the old time.. mcm first2 dulu.. mest sweet kan.. hm.. i miss that moment.. penyakit semasa skrang aq nieh.. adalah slalu janji ngan dia tetapi x kotakan tepat pada waktunya.. pastuh pnyakit kedua asyik nak mintak maaf.. senang citer pasni jgn janji kalu x yakin boleh tunaikan , pham caey?!! then kedua, barulah x perlu nak mintak maaf byak kali.. amacam caey!? (aja2 fighting~!!) i love you (ikhlas dari lubuk hati) and i miss you.. i never let you down again.. =.=' (hak dush.. ekk~ ekk~)

the time has come.. tapi aq masih rilek having the sweet moment.. eyy.. engat cikit.. awk tu bkan lah pndai sgt.. boleh score 4 flat ker??! huh!?? so keep working on it..!! goo goo!!