thinGs thAt She Hide~

Sweet Nightmare

Hey you, yes you, Im talkin' to you.

As you know me before, for the past 1 year and a half,
You marked me in your lil' IT brain as Athirah Ahmad Sazali.
The girl that only do what ever she desired,
And ignore those that she think that is not important to her.
Sometimes she does look so cool, her face, she always do that.
Talk crap? She will pay em' back TWICE, no, TRIPPLE.

During in the afternoon of 13th of July last year,
He wished me. Yes, Eventhough he say it with a tight face,
I fall for him. I like him. I like his way.
The Nik Muhammad Syahir way. I know, Im too straight foward.
Wierd guy, hell yeah he's my taste. I love his tight face.

From MySpace to YM. He's friendly. Nice, towards me.
I wanna tell him that I like him but nahh~ That's suicide.
I hide it, yes my feelings, almost 1 year we knew each other.
I wanted to look the best, cuz I want you to notice me.
Do you? Nobody knows. I cant talk to you. Not because Im afraid,
But it's bcuz when you're talkin' to me, my nerves, heartbeats,
all malfunction. Numb, silent. I walked away. Uh? What happened?
He talked to me! OMG! I didnt gave him a good respond.
All I did was do my Hati Kering-Face and act cool.
Oh please. You're so not cool. You're embarrasing yourself.

Here's a secret, I rarely skipped my classes cuz I wanted to see him.
Shh~ Dont tell him. That will be humiliating.
Everytime I got back from my classes, I seek for Wafa.
And told her everything. Oh everything about him.
How I like him so much. How I truely want him to be mine.
I want him. Let me have him.

I accompanied Wafa to her meetings. My first time.
After the meeting, we ate together. Yes we, him and I.
And of course our 2 other best buds.
I'll never forget that moment, I cried,
Cuz I cant tell him how I feel about him.
The pain in my chest getting worse, Im dying.

Drastic measures, I gotta tell him. And hey guess what.
He felt the same towards me.
We're finally together, after 1 whole year.
He's mine and ONLY mine.
Yes my Domo, my Gojila and my everyhing.
Now, eventhough we fight over some stupid things quite a lot,
or me keep on sulking like 24-7, we are still HAPPY.
I know that my love story is not heavenly like Adam and Hawa,
Where they fall in love at first sight and got married in Heaven, witness by all the angels that was created by our God.
That is the most romantic love story of all the love story.

My love story with him? Less romantic, more bullying.
No worries, Im getting used to it.
Babe, I'll stay with you. I wont leave you.
ily. fullstop.

Your worst nightmare,
Your funny-faced lil' Gojila

i hav many GF.. :)

im gonna introduce to you all about my life..

1st : Athirah
ni awek first aquh~

2nd : Tyra
yg ni yg second..

3rd : thirah
yg ni yg ke3.. muslimah ckit.. :P

4th : Athirah Ahmad Sazali
dy ni skunk aku pnye fiancee.. huh?! haha.. laki kat luar sane jgn kaco tawu.. sepak kang~!!

Skunk Saye dah Nak Kawin :D
p/s : a day before diijab kabul.. :P
Im hapPy wiFt my GoJila rite now.. so.. back off..

yet.. there's only HE and SHE..:">