Again and Again

its fourrr days ago.. im with my friends.. riding a "LOAN Myvi".. went to MoshtAq b Mohd Salleh sister's wedding.. it started at the morning with The Malay Tradition and ended with Arabic tradition at nite.. its kinda great cause i get the feeling likes im the one in their family members.. we laugh together.. we shaking hand and kisses cheek.. hugging.. and other more :') i really like those friendly thing.. i get to ate the "Rendang Kambing".. hehe.. but i feel ashame cos didnt manage to ate a lot.. arghh~ about 9.50 pm like that.. the sweet couple bride walk along through the red carpet.. oh.. i couldnt imagine mine.. hm :') then accompanient wif their brother's including Moshtaq.. sing their "marhaban" in arabic language.. hehe.. then after the bride get to the Bridal sits.. then moshtaq immediately gave us a long decorated stick then said "org pgg kayu ni xleh malu2.." haha.. so we all just do what "Taq" required.. we all dance all the tyme.. in arabic style.. (not the hiphop/disco dance =.=) hehe.. then its already 10.30pm.. and its already late..

after all of that... im going back to drop by at my house for a couple of minute.. and you know what.. hehe.. k.. enough.. :') My Pops said that he can just give me a little of money.. cause "papa x wat kuaq duwet agi.. and blaa blaa..." k.. its okay.. cause i dah biase ngan xdew duwet nie.. haha (yekew??) then.. cium2 papa then balik..before balik jumpe mama plak.. then cium2 Mama then balik.. hehe.. i said to mama.. "mama, dah2 lah macam nie.. owg x ske ah tgk mama down cmnie.. mama balik yeh :'(" and she said "hm.. okay.. mama try.." hmm.. i hope it turn to be okay.. you knows something.. eventdo im looking so great, so happy, energetic in front of you all, but the truth is im not behind my another wall.. please.. can anyone  give me my strength again.. please.. Allah..