as si budak Cekodok tu dok cter psal thingy things.. boys also do hav "thing" to adore at.. hehe
like always,, bak kate2 hikmat si Prof. Zafe : "money do flow like water if we live until die" (like usual the h(x)c boy talking style =.=)

and bak kate si DR. Awe-be plak : "kalu kawe ado pitih.. sgaloo mundo nok jugok beli.. ikot dee lah.. masalohnyo.. pitih tuh.." -style Land of KELAN-

: "if i hav money.. i would like to buy everything.. everything i feel i like to buy.. the problem is.. the MONEY.."

and FOR ME : note that (FYI) this is my wishlist :
(1) steelSeries (SIBERIA) : i feel something when i used this to hear Heaven Shall Burn-Black Tears~ >.

 i need one of this pleasee pop! wheter this hell red or heaven white.. hehe o the both of them.. =P

(2) SUPRA SAMANTHA RONSON (Lil Red Skytop II) : no comment! =.= (speechless~) fyi : only hav 413 unit diseluruh dunie.. so i shoul hav it.. hehe 0.o!

(3) McBeth Shoes Elliot : hehe.. btw how many shoes do i want exactly?? =.= hehe its okay.. just one only.. just depend on my "moving bank" untuk spend the money.. note : you rite what i mean by "moving bank" =P
(6)and blaaa blaaaaa blaaaaa
(7)ant others.. hehe..
(and bytheways/not to forget all human being do hav something that demand.. so diffrent people diffrent interest.. hav a nice day.. =I)

Not to forget Hepi X'mas for me and especially my <3 (walaupun x sampai waktu lagi) saje nak mngedixxx X.x!! 
[ignored je katil jojo y sgt "KEMAS" blkng tuh ;-P]

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