The daY we went turn out bright..

5 january... 2011.. its is.. yeah it is the very best day in my life ever.. please.. give me my day again..
i dunno im gonna start with wat and from where.. the truth is.. thanx to she's.. of coz, my bigger precious..
our day start with class at 8.15 a.m. but it turned out not great because class were cancelled.. (eleh.. yeke..)
then pergi class hafazan.. and finished tasmi' one surah.. (oh~ very pity me)
then rase cam x sedap jew harini sbb harini hari jadi aku.. so its up to me to give me myself happiness..
then, nak x nak.. i dicide curi ferraRi zafe and culik anak encik ahmad tuh sorok kat alamanda for a while..
hehe :"> then we're going to A&W.. hehe.. evenDo x dpat hadiah besaq mcm bday boy len.. 
tp.. im very very satisfied becos i could finish my happiest day with my love... ouh~!!
tenkiu again to she's.. yah.. ops not just she.. she is my truly one.. truly beloved one.. 

TYA : Kegembiraan terserlah.. BURGER : please dun eat me.. :'(

Locations : TAsek Chini lah sgt

 Abc yg kelihatan very delicious but harm my love health.. 

Act - pretend x nampak ustad klass arabic Tyrah.. pfftt~

i dun care at all if we gonna do this egain.. i couldnt bare it.. i need you.. and i admit.. i love you with all my heart.. :">