English kah ini..??

Initial ..
as usual .. Today is .. I do not know what I want to do .. so .. I made the reckless decision to download a variety of things / software / fonts / picture / video / music and much more .. non-stop .. hehe ..

I just want to make preparation for the days of my classes before it starts .. with this .. My job will be easier to put up .. ** diKU as internet is kind of damned .. so I do not have to worry about the wait for the download to complete .. all are available with arbitrary .. its like .. pooffffttt ~ Woah! my job is already done ..

normal range .. I am the type who likes to dream dreams and desires ... I like to tell relevant stories just crossed my mind .. hehe .. ape ni cahey ~~??!! =.=!

Once upon a time ..
There was a boy named Darwish .. Darwish was a boy who is very kind hearted and very obedient to his parents .. Darwish lived in a village near the resort just opened .. day by day .. Darwish became more matured .. now increased to 20 years old .. he decided to work at the resort near his house .. Darwish did not want to step out of their homes because he wanted to keep close to my beloved parents .. Darwish do so to protect his parents ..

"Darwish, O my son .. do you not want to work in the city? Looking for a better life from now?"

"Thats okay my pa .. ma .. as long as Darwish close to ma and pa .. Darwish will always be happy .."

and Darwish was working at the resort .. one day .. a visitor comes to the resort involved .. where is a woman of high status in society .. beautiful .. style .. and a problem .. the proud and arrogant .. ego .. higher self .. when she was just staying the various problems that she created .. There just is not right ..

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