i hate new year eve but i love........

its new year eve.. ^^

and of coz i prepared somethg.. hey not about the new year eh.. and i hate new year as well..
and that becos of certain thing.. =.= ok2..
this day were my youngest brother's birthday's.. hehe..
yah! of course i remember it.. and i always remember it even im at heaven..
(but just people didnt manage to remember mine as well =(.. )
and that becos you were my little precious brother's i have..
i hope and always hope you will grow up to be what you want to..
i hope i hope and i hope i will be there to see you succeed..
please please and please find our family happiness again if i didnt manage to do it.. i know i can count on you dear.. this date, 31st december you turnig 9 Y/O... and tomorrow become 10 y/o..
one thing i like about you most is.. you always agreed about what i say and respect me that much..
i always heared news from MOM that you always be the top student in your class..
you were intell-kids and that give me proud for you.. and i aso know you'll be a nice great man when you growed up.. just dont forget about Mom n POP yah.. i hav nothing to give to you as a return..
what a sellfish brother am i.. i feel ashamed of my self..
all i can give is my love and my intention for u as well.. i hope you will remain as my lil brother and continued moved forward to success..
i hope i hope and please please be yourself and also as my lil brother untill the end of my life.. forever and at the end.. :') sorry.. i didnt manage to bring you to watch the fireworks this nite like i did always..

"HappY 9 YEarS Old Lukman NuLHakim"

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