MayBe she doesnt love me anymore..
maybe she doesnt miss me anymore..
maybe she just start to hate me..
maybe she doesnt need me anymore..
then.. i guess..
it is just me cant change how my feeling..
you hate me?
you want leave me..?
saya hormat kptsan awak..
tp sy tetap akn Lv you with all my heart..

InnOvaTion & EntRepReNeuRshiP..


oh.. feel so great when im lucky gonna skip da usrah programme and just have to go to the event at shah alam... Wat im tryin to say is.. im meet The Lotus 123 developer that is Mr Mitchell Kapor.. woah.. un believable...

you know.. the mozilla that youre using rite now.. that is coming or for another word is created by Mr Mitchell Kapor.. the event is held at the SUK building.. at shah alam.. many question about the internet and also about the information technolgy were asked.. and he just answered it like a professional is.. *walaupun ssah nak catch up ape yg diungkapkan tp alhamdulillah.. im understand at all..*

but in when im realise.. in my happy day.. gonna change to my sad day.. hm..~
pitifull.. its because.. oh.. i dont get it.. why dear..? why? yes i know its my fault.. but.. please.. i dont want to make you feel like this.. *xkan org nak ckp org xde duit nak topup*
its about 9 weeks im didnt return to my house.. so how come i can just hang in about 9 weeks.. i hav to be hungry.. i hav to skip my lunch.. i hold to buy my things.. to pay my thing.. just because of you.. regret? of course not..100% not.. because it is just for you.. did you think i do this because of i hate you.. i dont think so.. but.. im still feel sorry for what i hav done.. sory dear.. i try my best next time.. *sighs*

my day went out~ i nva ask from the God to make my day or my life happier.. but i always prayed and asking from the God for the beloved one around me.. i neva ask to live longer.. but im always pray for everyone to live longer.. you see im smiling all the day.. you see im enjoy the day , but.. i wish i could be happy for just a second.. a truly2 happy moment.. but nvamind.. its not important.. because i hav so many more important feeling to ta8 care of..