i did it.. i did it.. congrats for me.. but.. just for me after all..  farewell.. u really remind me a lot..

sejak bile aku pndai amik karya org nieh.. -___-
but if i were the boyfriend.. i never ever dare to take the challenge.. if u thrusted ur gf.. u dun mind the challenges aftreall.. rite? and anyway, how come u dont realise ur Gf is not in a good condition.. nampak sgt x penah cares.. huh!

at the night.. my family went to Cinema nearest at our house.. before dat.. at the evening "syahir.. amik duit nie pergi beli tiket wyg, sape nak tgk pon buleh ikut jgak.. beli je tiket" said ma father.. then of course lah nak ikut jgak.. since adik2 g tgk criter seru.. and im already watched it.. and of cos.. my sisters said it NO good overall for the muvie.. but for me , my dad n my mom.. we went to Fast Five muvie.. which is "Fast and Furious 5"..
you know what.. this muvie damn really thumbs up! i was so excited all over ma body.. when i see the best part.. my body and feelin moved over the flow of the muvie..isk2.. sampai camtu skali..

guess what this Fast five related to tokyo drift.. because the character named Hans also in this muvie story. and what met me said this muvie best ever.. cause it is more than the older movie.. what more?? more from the views of the camera.. not making the watcher waitin for shitt. the car being used is high.. the actions is like 60% in the muvie.. and what more.. when Van Diesel fighting with Dwyane Johnson (the rock).. ouh!!! can u imagine si muscle ketat 2 ekoq tu bertumbok.. fuhh!! its started to fight when the rock made van disel mad cause the rock smash van diesel Beauty (Van disel car).. hehe.. but overall of the story is objectively want to rob a high position man in the Brazil country named Reyes.. not a little of his money.. but said van diesel.. "we gonna take em all" its worth 100 million++ dolar and divided by 10 people means each get 10-11 million per person.. and everybody started to making their wishlist..

click here for the trailer..


my day went pretty well.. cause im glad at the morning.. for what? for anythin lah.. :-p beside im on workin and helping ma mom in her catering.. my neighbour bekwah.. and its went into pretty tired seasons for me.. imma sleep for just 3 hours.. but its okay.. i just keepin my self busy anyway.. the best part is we prepared a "pulut kuning" as ordered by our neibour and i admit dat its hard to prepared it perfectly.. its really need all the gut.. but after all.. my mom is the best cooker.. hehe bangge2.. bahaha! so my mom manage to do it perfectly like always.. ;) and guess what.. imma the one decorated it.. but believe me.. i no good in decorated.. -__-
 meja dinner dipenuhi oleh roti bun yg ditempah ..

 daging kambing and daging lembu..

haa.. ni lah yg pulut-besar-susah-nak-buat tu.. overall 10 KG.. x campur berat pelapik.. ferrero rosheh kot.. :p

since the upcomin mother day and my mother birthday went on da same date.. so its easy for me to wish mother day and birthday at the same tyme.. but the fact.. all country has their own date for mothers day and it went one different date.. depend on their country itself.. but at my house.. "penah ke sambut hari ibu??" naa.. xpenah pon.. just engat2 camtu je.. the best part is hari jadi ibu.. kan kan..

since we already done in our catering.. so we decided to rest a lil bit before preparing for tomorrow Balqis birthday.. awh~ and fyi.. balqis is as cute as mia in the "adam maya" movie.. ahaha.. gurau2.. nope.. she just an adorable child.. ;) and tomorrow is her birthday.. but now im still playin around at this working place.. -__-

ps : anak korea nie x leh snyap sikit ke.. "whaddaheck2" dari tadi.. -_-