its been a while chaw.. ^^
this day has no ordinary things.. started mornink class with DISCRETE MATH.. (i like discrete very much >.<) and next class with FiqH Islami.. (and also currently addicted with this subject =p) after we going through the lucnh tyme but i choose not to eat much just eat just for what my stamak demanded.. hehe.. btw.. im donating my blood to PUSAT DARAH NEGARA as well at the PKK.. and this was my 2nd tyme.. ^^ anybody else want my organ.. uh!??! hehe.. just kidding..

 rindunyew nak mkn ABC strawberry's >.

"Last semester with my friens : awey, fieyz, me and also LUPI (yg bOtaks beg oren blkng tuh)"

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Cekodok Masin said...

ish ! hodoh gila muka org ! buang ah ! >.<