im not gonna desperate

*oh god~ only you know how i feel rite now*

tataw lah nak ckap pe.. tp maybe its my fault.. uh.. no no.. not maybe.. but it is my fault.. why everytime this happened.. i keep blaming myself.. arghh.. hm.. it is just about you.. i always feel the same to you.. and not the same if you wish to..

i always prays to god.. for the prophets.. for my mom and daddy.. for my family.. then next come up with you.. yes, it is you.. (oh~ i wish she dont read this) becos i know she will be hurt again.. im sorry.. i cant satisfy you dear.. but i try my very best.. you change me a lot.. start dari seorang yang biase and become lover.. my daily.. my style.. my interest.. my fav.. my intention.. my life.. its all because of you.. so.. how i gonna change it back.. hm.. no.. and never.. sory~

but i guess there is no second chances.. but miracle could happens.. and i wish that miracle do comes true.. and i would like to add it on my "my List" (my work to be achieve) like my old post.. about the tree house.. but that is long distance wish.. and you.. is my short , long and forever wish..

tapi bile org tawu.. mest dyorng gtaw aq.. "alaah.. bunga bkan sekuntum" and i gonna say this "hey!! its not like that k..! =.='" im diffrent!!" aq bkan nye bleh sesuka hati mnyukai dan tidak sesuka hati camtu jew.. oh.. i wish this wont happens.. i wanna stay like the old one.. i appreciate you like myself.. what i do is because of your happiness.. what about my.. oh.. i dont need it.. bcos my happineess has been achieve forever when first time i achieved you..

*just dont leave me :-(*

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