dear Beloved..

i know how im embrassed my self..
i know i hv mad you sad..
i know you also feelin sad...
you dont hav to pretend happy..
i know hows your feelin rite now..
but im in a pretty big apology..
yes.. apology to you..
next tyme i wont make it happen again..
i try my best..
iLY+imy Dear~

ENG vs GER..


after two days meninggalkan blog.. seems like dah mcm sarang tikuih dah jadinye.. hehe.. so topic terhangat kite kali ni nak cite cikit pasal.. bola nie.. fuh~!! smlm aq tgk bola ENG against GER.. best gla.. fantastic..!! bombastic..!! dulu nya aq mnyokong ENG team.. but skunk dah tukaq..*ENG murtad lah~* tp team ENG ramai "Star" pon ssh nak g sampai final.. nape ek.. hihi.. dah mmg ENG x de luck.. so try again next world cup.. how pathetic for you.. for GER team.. yeah.. your super duper great.. last match wif ENG.. score 4 against 1.. woah.. unbelievable.. keep goin GER.. i hope you will meet my precious team SPA at the final match.. gd luck for everyone too...