i hate new year eve but i love........

its new year eve.. ^^

and of coz i prepared somethg.. hey not about the new year eh.. and i hate new year as well..
and that becos of certain thing.. =.= ok2..
this day were my youngest brother's birthday's.. hehe..
yah! of course i remember it.. and i always remember it even im at heaven..
(but just people didnt manage to remember mine as well =(.. )
and that becos you were my little precious brother's i have..
i hope and always hope you will grow up to be what you want to..
i hope i hope and i hope i will be there to see you succeed..
please please and please find our family happiness again if i didnt manage to do it.. i know i can count on you dear.. this date, 31st december you turnig 9 Y/O... and tomorrow become 10 y/o..
one thing i like about you most is.. you always agreed about what i say and respect me that much..
i always heared news from MOM that you always be the top student in your class..
you were intell-kids and that give me proud for you.. and i aso know you'll be a nice great man when you growed up.. just dont forget about Mom n POP yah.. i hav nothing to give to you as a return..
what a sellfish brother am i.. i feel ashamed of my self..
all i can give is my love and my intention for u as well.. i hope you will remain as my lil brother and continued moved forward to success..
i hope i hope and please please be yourself and also as my lil brother untill the end of my life.. forever and at the end.. :') sorry.. i didnt manage to bring you to watch the fireworks this nite like i did always..

"HappY 9 YEarS Old Lukman NuLHakim"



its already 3.15 a.m at the morning.. and still working in and out..
about 7.30 like that.. after performed maghrib prayer.. as fast as lightning went to Hj. Tapah Mamak-ing to watched the MAS vs INA.. first aggreagate 3-0 at Stadium Putra Bkt Jalil.. next follow-up game at Indonesia Stadium itself.. guess what.. MAS Scored 1 goal and Indo scored 2 goal.. at the final.. resulted 4-1 in aggregate.. YezzzA!! mAS won.. okay.. thats it..

balik.. continued wat assignmnt yg x siap malah bertambah.. huuu~ Sbnarnye xde lah susah bnde2 sume tuh.. just dont know how to do it .. yet it still delayed.. ough! i cant sleep at all and decided to surfing a little bit.. (a little ke??) then ZZZzzZZzzZ~ nunyte TI-Ya!!
 ☻  ♥  ☻
/█\ . /█\

tomorow i shall start my class 8.30 a.m as well.. hehe.. then wat study group and then bergegas ke Fiqh Islami tercintew.. 


PokPeK of today

Currently layanz = SHInee - Hello
currently in the middle of the mood of math..^^
exactly controling the melody of the stomach.. ;-)
i need to get back into myself really quickly :-)

DESKTOP  =  xleyh serabut lagi ke caey oy!! =.='

this nite maybe our fieyzwan come to join us here.. ;-)
not forget about this day.. it is extraordinary bcoz i didnt manage to havng my lunch and also maybe dinner :-(
pasni nak study math.. and also of coz tomorrow i will do my very latest of best.. >.
gd luck all BSE.. dont give a chance to anybody..



starting my day at 7a.m. with subuh prayer.. ^^ and like usuall.. i will be back to my bed again =.=' hehe

pastu sedaq pukui bape ntah then hadap lappy.. tgk2 mubee sume.. dgar2 lagu.. n tgk2 vid music.. tataw lah nape.. im currently addicted to japaneses thing.. hehe btw.. si yui tu CUte jgak en ^^
See..! i told cha~ :">

but as well as i post about this.. there's one song named yui - Tomorrow Ways (bleh tahan) tapi byak agi lagu len yg lagi best.. saje nak cte pasai lagu nie..

3-Of-US and i heppi

Starting from friday.. oh.. nak start dari mane eh.. isk2.. haa.. cmni2.. hari jumat tuh.. pas abes klass math.. engat nak balik ah skali ngan tya.. TAPI.. dpat phne call.. mama ckap.. beliau akan dtg ambil.. but.. the action was cancelled.. jalan jam ah.. ape ah.. if i knew it already.. i could hav been riding the KTM.. kan sng kalu gtaw awal2.. haish.. then i spent a lot of tyme with those who x balik kg like me.. ^^ its jojo n awey.. we start playing the game all day nite and watching movie.. also not forget about perform the fardh prayer's.. (nape cm ayat FIQH islami =.=) we ate together and blaa blaa..

on the saturday..
we all bgun awal and pergi lah mencapap depan lappy masing2 and "MELAYARI".. jojo dgn facebook nye.. awey dgn bende multimedia dy.. si POCOYO.. then we all decide to clean our room as well roomate pon ramai yg pulang ke kg halaman.. hehe.. padahal zawey ngan patty je xde.. dagh siap kemas.. siap2 mandi2 sume.. basuh bilik air sikit.. (sebb bilik air kami x kotor n kitowng jage kebersihan our bath room ;-) ) then pergi basuh baju then move forward to cafe tercinte untuk mengisi pewrot >.

mlm tu g mrayau kat pasar mlm.. addition some friends and that was NIKjoE and WiraAjhar.. pergi by bus and balik by walking.. mcm biase jln ngan si Hantu wira.. mmg jadi gilew suasana.. layan~ then balik n playing Dota's as well.. and fall asleep.. and how could i didnt realise tya txt.. x.X! coyiee dear~



its been a while chaw.. ^^
this day has no ordinary things.. started mornink class with DISCRETE MATH.. (i like discrete very much >.<) and next class with FiqH Islami.. (and also currently addicted with this subject =p) after we going through the lucnh tyme but i choose not to eat much just eat just for what my stamak demanded.. hehe.. btw.. im donating my blood to PUSAT DARAH NEGARA as well at the PKK.. and this was my 2nd tyme.. ^^ anybody else want my organ.. uh!??! hehe.. just kidding..

 rindunyew nak mkn ABC strawberry's >.

"Last semester with my friens : awey, fieyz, me and also LUPI (yg bOtaks beg oren blkng tuh)"



as si budak Cekodok tu dok cter psal thingy things.. boys also do hav "thing" to adore at.. hehe
like always,, bak kate2 hikmat si Prof. Zafe : "money do flow like water if we live until die" (like usual the h(x)c boy talking style =.=)

and bak kate si DR. Awe-be plak : "kalu kawe ado pitih.. sgaloo mundo nok jugok beli.. ikot dee lah.. masalohnyo.. pitih tuh.." -style Land of KELAN-

: "if i hav money.. i would like to buy everything.. everything i feel i like to buy.. the problem is.. the MONEY.."

and FOR ME : note that (FYI) this is my wishlist :
(1) steelSeries (SIBERIA) : i feel something when i used this to hear Heaven Shall Burn-Black Tears~ >.

 i need one of this pleasee pop! wheter this hell red or heaven white.. hehe o the both of them.. =P

(2) SUPRA SAMANTHA RONSON (Lil Red Skytop II) : no comment! =.= (speechless~) fyi : only hav 413 unit diseluruh dunie.. so i shoul hav it.. hehe 0.o!

(3) McBeth Shoes Elliot : hehe.. btw how many shoes do i want exactly?? =.= hehe its okay.. just one only.. just depend on my "moving bank" untuk spend the money.. note : you rite what i mean by "moving bank" =P
(6)and blaaa blaaaaa blaaaaa
(7)ant others.. hehe..
(and bytheways/not to forget all human being do hav something that demand.. so diffrent people diffrent interest.. hav a nice day.. =I)

Not to forget Hepi X'mas for me and especially my <3 (walaupun x sampai waktu lagi) saje nak mngedixxx X.x!! 
[ignored je katil jojo y sgt "KEMAS" blkng tuh ;-P]



Why is everything starts to turn out black..
maybe this is my truly faith.. is to be like this and forever always gonna be like this..
sometimes i feel like alone.. sometimes people around me just pretending to be friend with me.. 
i do so many thing to make my friend best friends.. but yet when been ask : "who is your bestfriend??"
yet.. my name hell no will appears.. im starting being so jeles with everyone.. arghh!!! i dun like it as well.. but why for me.. i didnt get the same life as everbody else..
i get like this.. maybe this is just a damn feeling of mine... maybe i just dont hav to friend with anybody and live my loneliness life and die in my loneliness life.. satisfy??


can i die tomorrow =')

i wrote this for my own..                     *
ididnt expect everyone will read it..  *
if you did.. thank you vry much..        *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
pada aku.. 
aku ni x bape pandai..
x brape rajin..
x juga berada..
Selalu wat salah..
xde yg betul..
x brape berupa paras..
x jga kacak mcm pakwe korang..
x juga baik.. and x juga jahat..
x jga perfect.. x jga terlalu kekurangan..
mgkin a little bit of "Hina"..
i didnt hav the spirit..
and i wish i had it..
When The time comes and asked.. Did my name is on your life list??
of course the answer "Not aT all"..
and im x jga bgus..
x jga responsible sgt..
smestime alone.. and sometimes feel like a death..
xde org sayang akuh.. 
smstimes x bergune pon utk sesape..
i hav alot of friends.. bt..
i didnt hav a bestfriends.. 
and my family.. ......

So Wat ShOulD i Do.. i little bit to much of sadness alone will not solved at all..
ade ke org yg akan paham aku.. kalu aku story bout my damn sake pon.. of cos..  xde y akan deeping and truling understand-ing ape yg aku alami..
untuk aku.. jika family aku dalm condition mcm nie.. aku..
aku jadi putus smngat dlm sume perkare.. study.. friends.. working.. eating.. playing.. sosial-ing.. and others.. and thats me rite know.. so anythng else for me to continued live on?? and yet.. i think tears didnt drop too much..



my Ambition is Not To Be "A" POliCeMan =.=

From view of my faCe..
I know you will say that my face totally not suitable to be A police officer rite.. ^^

But in this case, the Hat being stole by me from PAPA.. hehe 

SYoRy Syory POP!

 oh.. i rilY Miss My BIRMAN's cat.. Oh RiCkaa~ T.T
im not talking about that kid but about the animal rite.. of cos..
harap2 ah adik2 akuh kat uma tu gheti jage leklok si ricca tuh.. 

AWE : Wahai kwn2 ku.. jgn lah kamu terkejut dgn perubahan ku ini.. =.='
JOJO : Awey~ mengapa ko jadi begini.. kembali lah awey ku~ Bertaubatlah..
ZAfe : Aq dah nasihat awal2 dah kat awey.. tapi awey tetap berdegil.. T.T
FaThi Lee : Yikk!! ComeY Ah Awey~ mlm ni jgn tido ngan aq taw.. O.o!


Today Im Totally sick.. bUt not in a cricital condition yet.. hehe
tapi alhamdulillah ah.. kos tyme aq demam jgak sume klass cancel.. hehe.. cm tawu2 jew lecturer nie..
then continued at the nite.. nek ferrari merah g klinik.. tp change in plan.. g jumpe Fieyz kat FiFteen, Bangi.. g klinik yg dekat kat situ je ah.. sng.. hehe..fiz cte ah.. dy kat KLIUC mmg out of fwen.. after class mmg dy always MemBAB* sensorang nak tunggu another class.. kesian ko fieyz.. bkan ape.. dy kate xde org melayu dalam kelas dy.. nak kwn ngan sape pon tataw.. adoy.. hehe.. tp xpe.. dy kate.. dy go through.. ape lah sgt xdew kawan nie.. aku kan adew.. haha..after lepak kat situ kitowg pon balik ah kuis.. hehe.. maybe fieyz dtg lepak kat kuis jumaat nie.. sebb x sempat masok dah.. kuis kan ade pagar.. =P

Yg BotOl panJang BeserTa Pipe Tuh Owg KL panggil Rokok besar.. hehe ;-P