its already 3.15 a.m at the morning.. and still working in and out..
about 7.30 like that.. after performed maghrib prayer.. as fast as lightning went to Hj. Tapah Mamak-ing to watched the MAS vs INA.. first aggreagate 3-0 at Stadium Putra Bkt Jalil.. next follow-up game at Indonesia Stadium itself.. guess what.. MAS Scored 1 goal and Indo scored 2 goal.. at the final.. resulted 4-1 in aggregate.. YezzzA!! mAS won.. okay.. thats it..

balik.. continued wat assignmnt yg x siap malah bertambah.. huuu~ Sbnarnye xde lah susah bnde2 sume tuh.. just dont know how to do it .. yet it still delayed.. ough! i cant sleep at all and decided to surfing a little bit.. (a little ke??) then ZZZzzZZzzZ~ nunyte TI-Ya!!
 ☻  ♥  ☻
/█\ . /█\

tomorow i shall start my class 8.30 a.m as well.. hehe.. then wat study group and then bergegas ke Fiqh Islami tercintew.. 

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