ni lah dy filem lakonan aq dan tyrah yg baru siap.. hehe.. belum ape agi dah dapat award.. FYI.. boleh download kat internet skunk..

The person

what is it..

define ourselves as we choose..
where a jock can cook up a mean creme brulee.
where a silently cocroches start headbanging..
where a darkness shirt turned out to heavenly bright..
and this is the place..

its the place where one person..
if its the right person..
its changes us all..

Maa~ please get well soon~ i need to achieve ur strength again.. like u always do.. :'(


hey.. blocks.. =P 
lame jgak x sentuh blogs ni an.. hehe
sepanjang itu jgak lah aq bz ngan waktu2 aq.. sampai lpekan dairy aq nie..
overall.. many sicken sicks extraordinary acts of life happenin to me at that duration..
what i knew from the beginning.. i always havin fun and im happy if all arounds me happier too..
exam hall is calling me day by day.. 
huh? what you think..? i 'll sit down and finish my skirmish games after all..?
hehe.. not at all and u will see.. ;-)
ouh!! im so powered up (mcm NATSU dlm cter fairytale plak..)
walaubagaimanacarapun.. i must comtinue to live on..
i love my chalengging world.. for others.. back off!!
and and and! satu agih.. wah.. bkan men riang Awe.. dapat msg "Hatiku berbunga bunga" 
haha.. bkan men lagih dak tuh ngan awey.. hehe.. jok'in yaw~
rasenye tu je ot.. yg len cte len post.. see yah..

eh.. and and and! for Your Information.. Si Cekodok tu is mine.. yg ade penGGELI nak menGgeli nak tackle dy tu apsal.. 

here comes.. 
i've choosen to live in happy life..
i've also choosen to live in great life..
but most of all..
i choose the person who inspires my heart..
which is why i picked that flower before anybody else..

-miss Athirah Ahmad Sazali