how am i suppose to wait for you if u want to disapoint me ?  come on . u know how i felt about you . when i said i like this and that about other girl, u think im really meant it ? i always have faith in you that u will come back to me . but when im trying , not a single chance u gave back at me . like i said , i gonna wait for you . and i keep my word . if im ready to accept who you are , why shudnt you do the same . after we broke up , i feel very lonely . everyday everytime i thinkin bout you.. and i try to txt you.. but u seem dont like to be txt with me . yes, i dont know how you feel exactly . i like everybody but i do love you . and not everbody get my love like u . please , u can make the decision . im very happy when u said you afraid to lose me but you dont want other girl to replace ur place . the truth is, i also felt the same . i never faithfully being with other girl but with you , i do . i always wait for ur answer everytime . until now , my heart didnt changed how i felt about you . before its too late , we have to move on.. go with the flow . but its never too late..

Sincerely by.

Witness on the Door

 here comes holiday dat we waitin for.. :') happy holiday guys.. ;)

bercakap sal HOLIDAY.. yeah.. mcm biase.. aq jelah yg kompem2 akn pulang pling lewat.. if not, aq lah yg pling awal.. tapi nak wat camne.. dah ni mmg prangai i.. yeah ! \m/ bhahah ! bkan ape.. sonok jgak mencapap kat KUIS ni bile student ramai xdeh.. mcm tyme aq asasi dulu.. hehe.. dulu x tdo kot.. nak plak line KUIS laju nak MAM.. ape lagi MUATTURUN lah bbyk.. <3 !

okay2.. for today thingy things.. aq naek basikal antic hakim pergi naek atas beli brg utk masak mlm nieh.. dah mcm mak pergi pasar plak akuh nie -__-' tp nak wat camne.. dah tuh je kenderaan yg ade.. tapi sonok jgak.. terbAkor jgak lah lemak harini.. ;)

pas dah abes masak mkan sume.. ape lagi.. online ah plak.. :p aq safwan ngan bob.. mmg mood2 tgah duk mngacau org kat fb.. abes sume org kne tadi.. besh2.. hehe.. nak plak mama call.. sudah ~ then mama tny.. "bile nak balik." then i jawab "owg balik esok ma kalu kerje dah siap".. then mama kate okey.. janji balik.. jgn x balik.. ;) duk men fb.. mmg asyik teringat psal U.. aduss. ade x care nak lupekan u.. dapat lupekan sekejap pun jadilah.. mgkin nie tahap rindu gaban kot.. tapi papepun.. u must go with the flow syahir .. =)

You won't try to save me!
You just want to hurt me and leave me desperate!

Brand new LIFE

thanx Teardrops from my eyes..
this entry really give me a lot of jealous and of cos give me courages a lot..
“Love is someone the ability to hurt you, but trusting they won’t”."my boyfriend is my best friend"
i happy for ur relationship and of cos u and urs is a great sweet couple.. ;)
wish u last longer until death.. wishing me too =) 

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