HaPpiLy EveR AfTeR~

woah.. i think im in a happy life rite now.. but cautions! not completely hepi yet.. byak agi keje nak dibuat.. hang tu x abes study agi.. grad ah dulu.. ahaha.. ok2.. skunk nak cte psal.. mlm smlm.. mimpi.. yg aq jadi rajin tetbe.. haha.. wat i mean is..

bgun pagi awal setiap hari.. sblum ni ade ah jgak bgun awal.. but not everyday.. then after that having bath and pray..
then read alquran a little bit.. oh i like to read it in a awesome recitation ... like the QAri does.. haha..
then after that if hav a class, go to class..
check time table always..
and alsoo check avery minute..
check kot2 ade assignmnt yg x siap agi..
then and if xde class.. go to mosque and continue remembering the surah2.. sbb nak tasmik kat ustad Don..
kalu x gi mosque.. pegi CC kuis.. sbb nak download pape or sosial networking or finding materials for presentation.. woah its that me..
than i cant forget about the eating time.. i must.. hahah.. then i go to cafe located at KUIS lake.. and eat so much becos i need to gain more energy for workin..
after that pray zuhur.. and asar.. the space between zuhur and asar..
i get and opprtunity to continue my recitation.. hehe..
then after asar back to ostel and do my weird stufff.. haha.. just kiddin..