DIdnt love your Family??

its my time and its your time.. but the truth is we shared our tyme together.. :">

kali nih.. ceq nak habaq sal "ISU SEMASA" yg ade dalam paper nowadays.. WatDaHeck!!! oh~ you know wat im babling about?? am i rite?? hehe.. x len x bkan lah kan.. psal tragedi rumah tangga and pasangan yg pelik lagi memelikkan yg begitu freakin all out... >.<

wat im tryin to deliver is about dunia di zaman kini makin macam tunggang terbalik.. aduss2.. >.< lebih kurang cam dalam cte Karyawan Allayarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee which is "Keluarga 69".. hehe.. haaa!!! ni lah yg ceq nak habaqqqq dari sat tadi.. haish2.. sbgai contoh titles yg ade setiap hari dalam paper yg aq ikuti sepanjang beberapa hari ni such as :

"Isteri Sanggup Tipu Suami", "Ritual Penyerahan", Bawak Anak Takut Kene Cekup Bersama Scandal", "Kemaruk Beristeri Empat", "Remaja Perkosa budak 5 Tahun", "Ummi Mengaku Scandal", and "Menantu Sayang Mentua"..

see! i told caa.. ;-) mane x jadi emosi yg terlampau bile bce sume menatang har** ni.. aq ngan si lupi dah saling bertukaq makian dah... ouh im very depressed rite now.. uh? ok. fullstop.  as for me.. if i were a husband and a father.. i'll say like this, listen yah my future wife and my future childs :"> :

"starting from i know you and we get married.. not even once my heartbeat say want to find scandal or to be unfaithfull.. all my success and averystep i success is fully aiming for my dearest family.. and i gratefull and appreaciate what i hav.. Chup! :"> "

i love my family especially.. you.. :-)


life in passion

life is like a race.. a race to achieve the success..
as for me.. i just remembered one thing.. learn to live and the success will come for you..
life is full of loneliness and im always in dat situation.. sometimes..
and as for me.. live ur life well in ur loneliness and yet the crowds will appear crowding around you..
life is boring.. and it'll boring you all da tyme..
yet for me.. i need my friend or dat gurl.. please do understand..


Deserved 2

i've once felt like this before..
but not as this much..
whats wrong with me..
all this time wif all my heart..
i do and i really do into you..and why?
Why is this always happened to me..
Why you choosed me.. why?
please do explain.. 
all the time in my life..
i have faith in you..
hm.. its ur decision..
sy hormat and im ready.. 
im ready.. and i always ready to..
waiting and continue..
i hope its not too late.. :'(