how am i suppose to wait for you if u want to disapoint me ?  come on . u know how i felt about you . when i said i like this and that about other girl, u think im really meant it ? i always have faith in you that u will come back to me . but when im trying , not a single chance u gave back at me . like i said , i gonna wait for you . and i keep my word . if im ready to accept who you are , why shudnt you do the same . after we broke up , i feel very lonely . everyday everytime i thinkin bout you.. and i try to txt you.. but u seem dont like to be txt with me . yes, i dont know how you feel exactly . i like everybody but i do love you . and not everbody get my love like u . please , u can make the decision . im very happy when u said you afraid to lose me but you dont want other girl to replace ur place . the truth is, i also felt the same . i never faithfully being with other girl but with you , i do . i always wait for ur answer everytime . until now , my heart didnt changed how i felt about you . before its too late , we have to move on.. go with the flow . but its never too late..

Sincerely by.

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dib. said...

kite in the same shoes kah caien?
william shakespeare penah ckp, 'expactation is the root of heartache'.living in the moment ea:D byk lagi menda kite tak explore other than love;)kan?

CaieN said...

hm~ betul lah tuh deeba.. but sokay.. perlu kuat dlm mnempuh sgalanya.. maybe terlalu leka smpai x amik kire bnde yg remeh temeh.. T.T