This Special hEart

Wasn't it was so nice and wonderful if i can express those feeling by chance . sometimes it would be hard to kept our heart save instead of touching other heart . 

i were used to be in love . as for me , i always be serious with who ever that became my girl . about four years ago i were being with this one wonderful girl which is came into my life and give my life happens once more . it is like i was reborn . about 3 years we , together live happy life . Unfortunately , things went badly before its just started . without realise , come one boy with a well status . Maybe some kind sort of a family that rich . and then this girl goes to him without answering my ask . what can i do . i just a simple boy coming from simple family . there is no used chasing a diamond that find a new user . and then , my effort in believing and faithful in her became useless .

after about 1 year , i still can forget about this girl from the back there . i register to this cozy islamic college . i started to find peaceful here , day by day , the more i try to forget, the more i will remember past memory . then come this miracle . a girl . i look really forward to know her so badly . what can i do . compared to her , i far more different in state of world . and since then i just kept my golden feeling in this golden heart of mine . without realising, the girl also kept the same feeling at me . and for one year we had been together since then . but thing also not went really right . and this is totally my fault . my effort for her is totally less . but i looking forward for only this girl who is really waiting for me too .

for me . when i became father or a husband or a boy friend , i will try to give my very best and also i willing to do what ever she told and i always by her side when ever she need me .

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