tatau lah nape balik2 cuti nieh current mood likely goes to working mood.. fuhhh~ ntah lah.. maybe its my some sort of thing that i want to keep my self busy with.. i want to clear my mind instead.. i dun want to harm myself anymore.. so i decided to keep my self busy..

there's go, day by day, kebetulan plak.. byk pulak kerje yg memerlukan pekerje.. haish.. so.. aq pon grab this opportunity huhu.. aik.. mcm ayat entrepreneur je.. -__- btw.. here my schedule for last 3 days


working at Orange's : 2-6 a.m.
SoftTowel : 8-9p.m.

Orange's : 12-6a.m.
Ikea Tech' : 3-6p.m.

Orange's : 12-6a.m.
Ikea Tech' : 2-5a.m.

Ikea Tech' : kerje pasang2 ni je pun.. still letih woo~ >.<
besides i didnt really calculate the total of my fees at all.. just ready to receive it at this upcomin 25th May.. ouh!! ;')

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