word come from heaven

dah jauh aku lari.. mngapa aku x lihat blkng kembali.. mngapa aku leka dgn sume ni.. sungguh zalim perasaan ini jika dikatakan menipu dalam perasaan.. what been said by her is totally right and what i cant even know about this mistake?? but what is gone let it be.. focusing what gonna happen next if ur dunt realise earlier.. thank.. tenkiu very much.. you were like 2nd mother to me.. i never had an adviced like that before.. and this i promised you.. i will simply do my best and never let you down again.. i know you have faith in me.. the next time we meet.. i will be granted a smile at your face.. onestly.. believe me.. i keep ur word and faith in my heart forever.. and thanx for give me strength again.. tenkiu very much.. if the spirit of mine is just 100% now it becoming more from before..

"Kite ni anak laki.. tak boleh nak nak bg harapan yg tinggi pada anak dara orang.. ingat tu~ "

thanx God for giving me another chances ='(

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Titel said...

tp tak salah bg harapan kan? then bila dah bg harapan tu beringat la. sentiasa berusaha supaya harapan dpt jadi kenyataan :)