this is Obbie..

This is my cats.. lookin like snowbell rite... but its not.. this is obbie.. no sweat?! and its not kucing KL.. ceit!
now im in really a bit confusing.. hehe.. whats for? its okay.. let me die in my own world.. you gonna be fine by that.. :)

and now its all about my domo daily life.. hm.. since im really a-DOmo-man so its not a big deal.. domo kebelakangan ni degil sikit.. mane aq pegi sume dy nak mencapap.. isk2.. can u just remove urself from mylife?? isk3.. but it cant be help anyways.. i missed so much.. hehe..  tapi kkdg domo slalu gak kne buli sume.. kesian2.. what can i do.. they all my friend too.. so let you be friend with them.. ;-)
 oh~ siyesly~ mmg selesa gilaaa tdo mcm tuh.. aq penah try kot.. no wonder awey nyenyak sgt2..

ni lah akibat nye nak ikut sgt .. org g basuh kete je pon.. -__-

mgkin dy puas kot dok umah.. xpelah.. since sy pon xde kwn.. so aq bwak jelah ekau yer.. since you really important to me thou.. :')

2 nice talks:

aurora mokhtar said...

haha, cute entry!

arxar said...

hey caiens! nak kucing tu! :)