Please Reach Me

its now or never..
sometimes this feeling will hurt you deeply too much without realise of what of the consequences..
but for me.. i leave all that behind and started to concentrate on what i aiming for.. no more loitering.. no more sosialising.. live ur happy live like always and busy like always you do..

for the first time.. i fell for this girl.. which is the same age of me.. but different class.. i think i got one feeling that i promised to myself that would never betrayed my feeling and also her's feelin as well.. i keep on struggling.. focusing on she.. and just she.. this is no ordinary feelin but it is a miracle cos it would ever happened to me.. and yet the girl self running away with other guy.. yah.. of course.. its totally my fault.. i really careless.. believed me. i can't forget what we have been trough until right now..

for the second girl, i deeply hurt you so much.. yes i know it.. i left you with out sayin a single word.. im very sellfish.. yet you were kind enough for me.. and i cant accepted it.. im really2 sorrry.. you were such a kind girl.. its hard to believed you re okay and doing fine when the day i left you without sayin anyting.. and again im sorry.. maybe now its my punishment.. please forgive me.. yes.. i dont know what are those feelin of girl. but thrust me.. i always can feel those hurt feelin from yours..

last and forever.. i dont know what to say.. but the truth is.. when this feelin of mind and my heart come to open again to another girl.. maybe this is just my feelin.. but its not ! its really happen.. all day night this evil feelin always disturbing my peace.. for what ? for remembering you every second of time.. When im sick, The doctor said i should live life normally, as best as i could. i didn't want anybody to be weird around me. and this faith come to me. she has faith in me. she makes me want to be different. Better. i was gatting along fine, i accepted it.. my life.. and then you happened !! i do not need a reason to be angry with God. am i scared to death ? no. but im scares of not being with you.. you know what i figured out ? Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like, you were sent to me because im sick. to help through all this. and yet.. you're my angel.

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