Please..! choose my! choose me!

Domo Phantom: i will fight you till death.. <3

my my~ never mind.. been working for 1 week and memonteng for one days (thank to awok, i owe u one..) like usually and once online-ing till muntah.. tapi tyme bz x de gak mase nak online tuh.. 

i worked at 12 until 6 then blik umah solat subuh sume bagai.. then x tdo.. opkos lah.. kos lepas subuh x elok tdoq.. kan kan.. so all the day i been through tdoq pada pukul 9.30 or 10.. its a great and suitablos tyme.. did it? yah tenkiu for agreeing.. ;) petang2 slalu kne kacau ngan home work dari mama tercintew.. adusss! WhadddaaheCk? anak laki pon kne wat keje umah..? gila x cool.. tapi sometimes its gonna be really good to help each other.. and its me and myself always helping it.. itsokay lorh... 

suatu mlm nieh, aq nengok lah cte "moving in" kat MTV kot.. ntah ler.. tapi cte nye mengisahkan seorang lady yg tgah conpiUs dlm choosing which one of the boyfriend that she gonna choose between the two of her BF? and like alwayys.. WhatdaaHeck?! this girl dating 2 boys in one time.. isk2.. so she decide to let her mother father choose for her and after that her parent set a really tough exam.. 2 orang BF tadi pon terpakse duduk dalam umah tu and for two day.. diorang lalui ujian2 yg diberikan oleh keluarga Si Perempuan.. and at last the one name Tom win the title of the bf.. 

yah2.. mmg best tapi.. x elok pmpn tu wat cmtuh.. bek awal2 lagi just pilih satu and fokus satu je.. kalu x leh gak cari ah len.. laki yg sorang lagi tu pon bkan bek sgt.. panas baran lah ape lah.. hehe.. ckap sng lah kan.. cbe bygkan kalu aku ni yg ade kat situ.. huh?! like im gonna give it up?? no way.. i gonna take what it gonna cost.. i will ensure the girl parent at all my might that i can protect the girl at the cost of my life.. >.<

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