thIngS thAt I always Used to~

tiba waktu prangai jahat aku dtg an.. ni lah dy memo wat aku that i always refer to.. xkire ah tyme sad ke.. tyme frust ke.. tyme nak gi presentation ke.. tyme fail ke.. tyme nak commite suicide ke.. eh? *berguraw* n tyme2 yg sewaktu dgnye~ *malas nak mention* :p

1. pursue Achievable Goals
2. Keep A Genuine Smile
3. Share With Others
4. Help Thy Neighbors
5. Maintain A Youthful Spirit
6. Get Along With The Rich, The Poor, The Beautiful, & The Ugly
7. Keep Cool Under Pressure
8. Lighten The Atmosphere With Humor
9. Forgive The annoyance Of OthErs
10. Have Few Pals
11. Cooperate And Reap GreatEr RewaRds.
12. Treasure Every Moment with Your Loved Ones
13. Have high confidence in yourself
14. Respect The disadvantaged
15. Indulge yourself Occasionally
16. Surf The Net At LeisuRe
17. Take CalcUlatEd RiskS
18. UnderstanD "MoNeY Isn't Everything..."

so its mine.. org len x leh tiru.. wweekk.. haha xde ah.. sesape nak amik sbgai panduan bleh jewp~ its maybe gonna workin..
-Spiral All Along-

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