Owe me a big One..

wat a weird life..
i cant stand it..
i cant went through it..
i cant control it..

here comes a poem i want you to know..

"i may not get to see you often as i like;
i may not get to hold you in my arm all through the night;

but deep in my heart i truly know;
you're the one that i love;

and.. i could never let you go."

now we share the same bright sun..
the same light moon..why dont we share the same love..
tell why not..
love is beautifull that all hav thought..


Something that neva can be delete~

*yahoo inbox*

huh.. i not talk about a crap about my inbox is full.. but im talk about.. you see in my inbox list.. i already select all.. but not the first one.. you wat is it.. hehe.. its a secret..*sorry readers* the thing i will keep until i be gone.. i love it.. because the email is about a vid that dedicated with love especially for me.. your hear that.. FOR ME~yeah for sure and for real.. hehe.. so dear.. i really want to know wat are you saying in the vid.. please~!! please~!! pweashh~!!

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