Bday Boy!!

i dont like speaking or havng a conversation about birthday.. espicially about my bday~ wat i mean is.. i getting to hate it.. ahah*sighs* its kinda weird rite.. hell yeah.. aaaa~
i didnt mean it actually..
but im tryin to.. im sory.. this happen because of so many reasons~ :

1.No one cares about it..
2.no one remember about it..
3. My family even forgot about it..
4. i neva had a bday present since my chilhood..
5. im gonna cry when eat my friend's birthdayday cake..*jealous*
6. the date of my bday.. im gonna wish my self "gd mnink caey, hepi bday.. muah muah!!.. dah besa/tua dah ko kan"..
7.yet.. dont make me cry anymore..

farewell my birth DAY.. gd bye.. oh.. i wish someone will bring the joyful of my sweetest day back.. =.="

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